10 Day Trip To Israel

So you’re looking to travel to the land of creation with its rich history and incredible weather. Known for its glorious past and promising future, Israel has something for everyone. But with so much to see and do the biggest concerns our passengers have are what to do and how to get around? 

At Francine’s Travel we pride ourselves on our Israel expertise and partnerships with both the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the flagship carrier of Israel El Al. So we took the time to put together one of our most popular trips for you to plan yourself. Israel has great public transportation options and private buses, but bear in mind that it’s just easier and less of a hassle to travel in Israel with a tour guide. To book one or to  find out the Tour Guide in Israel Cost don’t hesitate to contact us to connect you with one of our many experts.

So let’s get to it, here’s is our 10 Day Trip to Israel:



10 day trip to Israel
Your view coming into Tel Aviv

Chances are when you arrive in Israel you will land at Ben Guiron International Airport in Tel Aviv. The city is known for its beautiful beaches directly on the Mediterranean Sea. Try to book your Accommodation near one of the beaches so you can enjoy a nice dinner and a great swim. We strive to find the best modest priced luxury brands when settling on partnerships, that’s why our Accommodation Recommendation is TAL by the Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Day 2 – Visit Tel Aviv & Jaffa

10 Day Trip to Israel
Tel Aviv Nightlife

Following a delicious breakfast and maybe a swim. Go visit the future of Israel, its technology and finance sector. Check out the “State of Mind” Innovation Center at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange where you will learn about cutting-edge developments by Israeli start-ups in fields such as science, medicine, security, space and more.

Proceed to the historic Old Port City of Jaffa, the oldest seaport in the world (Famous in the bible as the place where Jonah set sail on his epic voyage only to be swallowed by a whale).

Jaffa is home to a vibrant multiethnic community of Muslims, Christians and Jews: get to know the first Jewish city of the modern era, established in 1909.

10 Day Trip to Israel
Aerial View of the historic port city of Jaffa

For lunch we recommend a culinary tour that will introduce you to the very best of Tel Aviv’s food scene, here’s our two picks:

  • Carmel market tasting tour – enjoy a fascinating variety of culinary riches, colorful spices and intriguing characters in the main market of Tel Aviv, where the flavors and scents of the old town combine with the young bustling atmosphere of the city’s central market.


  • Vegan culinary tour – Tel Aviv is the #1 vegan culinary destination in the world, it’s also where traditional vegan and vegetarian cuisine and innovative young chefs meet, creating a one-of-a-kind savory adventure for food lovers, whether vegan or not.

After lunch enjoy a stroll along Rothschild Boulevard, the beating heart of Tel Aviv: home of The White City, Tel Aviv’s most prominent collection of Bauhaus (International Style) buildings. Built during the 1930s and the 1940s, this functional architecture not only created well-designed objects, but also a cohesive urban landscape that is unparalleled in the world.

Take the evening to explore some of the Tel Aviv nightlife. Or go back to your accommodation and witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


Day 3 – Visit Israel’s Beautiful Coastline, Check out Caesarea, Enjoy the Kibbutz Experience and Explore Haifa

10 Day Trip to Israel
Aerial View of Haifa Garden

After breakfast, depart Tel Aviv and head north along the beautiful coastline to the ancient city of Caesarea, built by Herod the Great and once the Roman Capital of the region. See the excavations of the Crusader’s city including the aqueduct, the hippodrome and amphitheater. The city and its archeological wonders are a testament to its significance throughout the ages.

From Caesarea head to Kibbutz Ein Shemer for the The Kibbutz Experience – both past and present . Check out the Kibbutz Museum where we will experience a journey from the early days of the kibbutz to the present and learn about the kibbutz way of life.

Enjoy a delicious lunch in the kibbutz dining hall.

Continue with a tour of innovation at Kibbutz Magal and visit the Netafim greenhouse innovation center, a pioneering enterprise in the field of drip irrigation technology.

Next, head to Zichron Yaakov, and get your camera ready because this town is a beauty to behold. It’s very charming and extremely picturesque.

End the day in Haifa and eat dinner there. After dinner we suggest a short walk to the Bahai Gardens to enjoy this magnificent view, especially at night when it is all lit up. It is a memorable moment that will last a lifetime.

Overnight in Haifa, our Recommendation is the Colony Hotel, Haifa.

Day 4 – Visit The Sea of Galilee and The Golan Heights 

10 Day Trip to Israel
The Magnificent Sea of Galilee

After breakfast head to the city of Katzrin, the “Capital of the Golan Heights”.  Walk through a Talmudic village and get a sense of what it was like to live in the times of ancient Israel. 

Continue to the mystical city of Tzfat ,one of the four holy cities of Israel and the birthplace of the ancient Jewish mystical text, the Kabbalah. Stroll through its narrow winding alleys, Peek inside some of the beautiful synagogues. Browse through workshops and galleries in the flourishing artists’ quarter.  and picturesque artists quarter,

Enjoy a tour and wine tasting at local Winery, a family-owned boutique winery in the Galilee.

Drive to the Sea of Galilee and take a boat ride on the calm waters.

Return to your accommodation in Haifa for dinner and overnight. 

Day 5 - Visit the Bahai Gardens, Explore Akko, tour the Druze Village 

10 Day Trip to Israel
Bahai Temple Garden

Enjoy your breakfast and visit the amazing Bahai Gardens in Haifa, comprising a staircase of 19 terraces extending all the way up the northern slope of Mount Carmel. At its heart stands the golden-domed Shrine of the Báb, which is the resting place of the Prophet-Herald of the Bahá’í Faith.

Continue heading north to explore the ancient crusader port city of Akko, the fascinating UNESCO heritage site, with new excavations revealing what life was like 1000 years ago. Visit the Crusader Halls and follow the underground tunnels. See the port and fortifications that enabled the inhabitants of the town to resist invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte.  Spend time walking through the Arab Bazaar, reliving a Middle Eastern shopping experience.

If you have time, head to the Druze village of Dalyet El Carmel, at the top of Mount Carmel. The Druze are Arab-speaking citizens of Israel and are renowned for their hospitality. Take a fascinating tour of the alleys and old quarter of the village.

Head to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight. Our recommendation is the Leonardo Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem. 

On our private tours we usually offer a special  “Shabbat of a Lifetime” dinner, with hospitality in the home of a local Jewish family. Enjoy a traditional Shabbat meal as you hear about and observe the customs of the Jewish Shabbat.  

Day 6 – Visit Masada and check out The Dead Sea

10 Day Trip to Israel
The dead sea is the lowest spot on earth

From Jerusalem head east towards the Dead Sea, 1388 feet (423m) below sea level.

First visit the legendary mountain top plateau of Masada – the last stronghold of the Jewish Zealots in their struggle against the Romans in 73CE – overlooking the Dead Sea. You can get there through the ascending cable cars where you will witness the ancient fortress built by King Herod. Explore the site, with its synagogue and bathhouse.

Continue to the lowest spot on the face of the Earth, the Dead Sea. After lunch enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the Dead Sea shore. Cake yourself in mineral-rich mud and float in the buoyant waters.

Head to a lookout point for a view of Wadi Qelt and the cliff-hanging Monastery of St. George; founded in the 5th Century and still active and inhabited by Greek Orthodox monks.

Head back to Jerusalem.

During any of the nights you are in Jerusalem, witness the Sound and Light Show at the Tower of David – a creative depiction of the history of the city of Jerusalem projected onto the ancient stones


Day 7 – Visit the old city of Jerusalem

10 Day Trip to Israel
The famous Jerusalem Skyline

After breakfast start the day with an overview from the Mt. of Olives.

Dedicate this day to exploring the Old City of Jerusalem at the City of David, with its fascinating tunnels. See the newest exciting excavations revealing Jerusalem during the time of the 1st Temple period.

Walk through the Old City and visit some of its most famous sites, including the Western Wall and the Cardo, an ancient commercial street where you can still shop today. Walk through the Arab Bazaar and experience traditional Middle Eastern life, with its rich colors, flavors, and smells.

Take a rooftop tour of the Old City neighborhoods, for a behind-the-scenes look at the various communities living alongside each other in this ancient walled city.

Walk along part of the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. According to traditions dating back to at least the 4th century, the church is the home of the two holiest sites in Christianity: the site where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, known as “Calvary” or “Golgotha“; and Jesus’s empty tomb, - he is said to have been buried and resurrected.

Day 8 – Visit the old City of Jerusalem

Start the day by visiting Yad Vashem, considered to be the world’s primary Holocaust memorial and museum. Take a tour of the new Holocaust History Museum, which occupies over 4,200 square meters, mainly underground. Visit the moving exhibit at the Children’s Pavilion, commemorating the death of over 1.5 million Jewish children in the Holocaust.

From the Yad Vashem, move on to the Israel Museum where you will see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition, and view the famous Model of Jerusalem, depicting the city as it was in the 2nd Temple period.

Visit to Bethlehem. See the Church of the Nativity and the remains of ancient Bethlehem (beneath the Greek Monastery), from the times of Christ.

A couple places to visit in Jerusalem are Mamilla Mall or Ben Yehuda Street.

Optional – 2 nights Eilat and Petra, Jordan 

We did promise you 10 nights, and that’s what we’re giving you. Keep in mind that this itinerary is based on our private tours of Israel, we don’t expect you to move at the speed that our experts can move in, if you want to stay in Israel only add an extra day in Tel Aviv and an extra day in Jerusalem. These cities have many walkable and metro friendly places you can visit and get lost in, if you didn’t have time to see all the sights mentioned above. 

One thing that we encourage you to do is head next door to Jordan and witness the incredible and wonder of the world Petra.

Day 9 Visit Eilat

10 Day Trip to Israel
The Southernmost point of Israel

Fly from Tel Aviv to the Israeli port city of Eilat. With the most calm waters in Israel, this city is great for snorkeling and diving and spotting aquatic mammals. There are even Dolphin tours you can take. Or visit the Coral Beach Nature Reserve to explore the underwater world among the most beautiful reefs. 

Rest up cause tomorrow you will see something beautiful.

Day 10 – Wednesday - PETRA

Set out by bus on a day tour from Eilat to the beautiful l “Rose City’ of Petra. We believe Petra and Jordan deserve their own itinerary. Good news is we have recently made one! Contact us for more information. 

There you have it folks, an unique itinerary made by experts and locals, meant to give you an experience deep in culture and history. Although definitely possible, we do recommend booking a tour guide for your visit in Israel, they can speak to locals and get you around the country in a safe and stress free manner. 

A Tour Guide Israel Cost is about $450 USD per day. But we have created this package with accommodation included that brings the total costs to about $350 per day. 

Francine’s Travel is a travel agency focused on finding luxurious travel experiences that you can do on a budget. We offer getaways, weddings, group tours, flights, and passport services at a price you can afford with a service you have never experienced. Don’t hesitate to contact us to create a trip tailored to your wants and needs.

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