How much does it cost to go to Israel and when you should go?

Israel is a place filled with incredible history and power. Just walking the streets of Jerusalem or taking a cruise down the river Jordan feels extremely humbling and life changing. But before you try one of our Trips to Israel there’s a few things you need to consider. 

Time of year

Here at Francine’s travel There are two things we consider when traveling anywhere. 


Best time of year to visit Israel

Israel can get pretty hot and the sun can be pretty unbearable in the summertime. You do experience a better climate near the coast and Tel Aviv, but overall you want to make sure that you have the best weather in Israel when you go. 

The best time of year to visit Israel for sightseeing is during spring and fall. The weather is somewhere between 70°F and 80°F (21°C and 27°C). That’s why we plan most of our Pastor Trips to Israel during that time of year.

Tourist Season

Peak Tourist Season in Israel

When considering the best time of year to visit Israel you want to try to avoid peak tourist season. And since Israel does have its fair share of beaches and other summer getaways, the busiest time of year is between June and September. 

That’s why we believe the spring or summer seasons are the best time of year to visit Israel. You get to skip the crowds and not become overwhelmed by the scorching sun.


These are the six things that you should consider that attribute to the cost of going to Israel.


Cost of flying to Israel from the US

Let’s start at the beginning, how to get to Israel. If you are traveling from the USA, expect to pay an average of $1200 in the summertime or $800 in the spring and fall. Prices always fluctuate so make sure to contact us before booking to secure the best flight


Cost of hotel Accommodation in Israel

The cost of accommodation in Israel is dependent on what you’d like to book. We’ve seen places as low as $75 per night and some as high as $350, making the average cost per night $150. At Francine’s Travel we try to only book the best and most luxurious experience at a reasonable price. Most five star hotels in Tel Aviv usually go for $500 USD per night. But we manage to sell them for around $350 for our Group Tours.


Cost of eating in Israel

Food in Israel should be a separate topic altogether as it is amazing! But in terms of pricing, we noticed that on average it costs about $30 USD per day on food in Israel with an average meal at about $12 USD. Due to external factors like the pandemic we do see these costs fluctuating and rising. 


Transportation Cost in Israel

Getting around is also a factor that needs to be considered when traveling. On local transportation you’re looking to spend about $7.50 per day. The Metros are really well priced with a wide range of public transportation. 


Cost of Tours in Israel

There are a variety of tours and locations you can visit while in Israel. A Tour Guide in Israel Costs about $500 with entrance to attractions included. This number is subject to change depending on what you want to do. 


Cost of shopping in Israel

Some people live to shop, we personally love local markets and haggling with shop owners for sport. Recently Israel has also been experiencing a tech boom with many companies being born everyday, needless to say, it’s become a good place to buy electronics and technology. 

A trip to the famous Old City Market in Jerusalem is highly recommended as here you can find low prices on items and try a little of the millennium old tradition of haggling.

What is the average Cost of a trip to Israel? On average you’re looking to spend about $190 per day on Accommodation and Food. With an average trip with a 10 day trip to Israel costing $2400 with Flight, Transportation, Food, and Accommodations included. Hiring a Tour Guide in Israel and visiting places off the beaten path are all factors to consider when budgeting for your Israel Trip, that’s why we highly recommend booking a group tour when visiting Israel as you don’t need to worry about any of that. 

Francine’s Travel is a travel agency focused on finding luxurious travel experiences that you can do on a budget. We offer getaways, weddings, group tours, flights, and passport services at a price you can afford with a service you have never experienced.

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